Hannan pharmaceutical company

Hannan pharmaceutical company is one of the most well respected pharmaceutical companies in Iran. It is specialized in the field of production and packaging of semisolid drugs and cosmetics specially different kinds of oils. This company with perspective of sustainable development continuous to produce the best quality products to improve and help Public health.

Hannan pharmaceutical company offers its products throughout Iran.
Production of products for the treatment of skin diseases and inflammations, protection and disinfection of the skin, reduction of muscle pain, etc., has made this company known.

The four principles

Company standards

High Quality

High quality is the first priority of Hanan Pharmaceutical Company.

Fair Price

Fair price for customers satisfaction is one of the most important goals of Hannan Pharmaceutical Company.


Production planning and scheduling in improving productivity are the core policies of the Hannan Pharmaceutical Company.

Customer Orientation

Empathy, expertise, customer history, direct interaction, relationship between company performance and customer orientation and compensation
New products produced by Hanan Company

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